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"How did I get here?" Sometimes I wonder this to myself and if I look back it's always been about horses. Not sure how this obsession started, I was a city girl and my parents were far from supportive of any involvement in horses. Despite this, I found a way to nurture my love through learning to draw horses. I also saved up money and begged my mom to let me go to horse camp.  It was the best week of my life and I cried for days when I had to go home and leave my trusted lesson horse "Cinnamon."
     Once I could drive, I began volunteering at the local stable and riding an old grey horse for one of the boarders. It didn't take long for me to decide that horses were going to be my livelihood. I paid my own way through college and got a Bachelor's Degree in Equine Studies/Business Management.
    I started my career working at a variety of training facilities. Moved onto freelancing, and eventually started a successful boarding and training facility of my own.  
    Fast forward 16 years. Family circumstances have stalled my ability to work with horses but my passion has never waned. I found myself once again trying to connect to horses. These days I spend a lot of time in the kitchen trying to keep teenage boys fed. I really enjoy baking and with my business and horse background I came up with the idea to make horse treats and package them in a unique way.
     Molasses Morsels was born in my kitchen and developed through my love of horses. I hope that you and your horse enjoy Molasses Morsels as much as I enjoy bringing a bit of sweetness into your horse's day.